Core Value #2


The world is full of half-assed ideas. You don’t need wisdom to start something. But you’ve gotta get wise if you’re gonna build a community with staying power. We stay scrappy. We keep our overhead low so we can be efficient with the resources we’re given. We adopt smart strategies with our partners. We put in roots so we can all grow strong for years to come.

Who's a Better Negotiator, You or Your Child?

Today, Torch launched another campaign video, “Negotiate.  The spot tells the story of parents living in the digital age, dealing with the many screen technologies (including TVs, phones, iPads, and computers) that eat up so many hours of a child’s day.


“The very concept of a limit implies that you can’t do everything you want—so we must think of smarter ways to work. Let’s be honest: Many of us don’t make this kind of adjustment until we are required to. Limits force us to rethink how we are working and push us to new heights of creativity.”

-Ed Catmull, President of Pixar, (Creativity Inc. p. 200).