Co-Founder & CCO

Drew Belz

Founder and filmmaker, Drew developed Fancy Rhino's feisty creative approach, winning clients like Samsung and Nike's Air Jordan. His job now is to build community around the work.
How To Cook A Steak




Game Day Delievered


Shipt delivers groceries to your door. What they don't always include is your favorite football player too. Unless, of course, you live in Detroit, where we helped Shipt make touchdown this fall.
The First Thanksgiving


Crayola brought us on to reimagine what the first Thanksgiving may have looked like had the kids been running the show.


Since our inception, Fancy Rhino has held fast to a core mission of building communities through story. That's why when we read the March 3rd Times Free Press piece on our friend Nathan Sexton — proud husband, father and VP of Bellhops — planned to run in the Chattanooga Half Marathon while fighting Grade 4 Glioblastoma, we knew we had to carry that story forward.
Long Live


Bowie's final message to the world was this devastating video. The word for us at Fancy: pursue the relentless vision. Be free.   "Oh, I'll be free / Ain't that just like me?"  
Create The Future


Samsung’s Galaxy Note empowers champions who empower the world. We tagged along for a day-in-their-lives.
Local Motors

The End

This is where vehicle manufacturing as we know it comes to an end, and where vehicle manufacturing as it should be begins. Local Motors is changing the game.
Take Flight

Air Jordan

Nike’s Jordan Brand gave us a week to bring its “Take Flight” brand positioning to life. The challenge was to excite employees about the idea of “Fly” in a brand anthem video. We did that and more.