32 Hands

16 people in a harmony of craft. 32 hands touching every carpet and rug. 1 dedicated team, working together to help you live beautifully.
Build Me A World

The Studio

The documentary Build Me a World lit a flame in a troubled school. But flames go out if there is no one to tend them. The Studio is a place where young people from the community can fan the fire through music and word. It’s a place where they can create new stories. This video captures the thoughtfulness and soul The Studio is built for.

Covenant College

Mountain Views

Picture yourself on the Mountain. Picture yourself at Covenant College.


The Chalmers Center

The Chalmers Center equips churches around the world to form small savings groups. From a diagnostic standpoint, it doesn’t sound like much. But it is. Lives are being changed, and families are being helped. We took a team to Kpalime, Togo to capture and show how Chalmers’ work is truly a labor of love.