Real People. Real Stories.

Real People.

Real Stories.

January 12, 2016

POLITICAL WORK IN A COMMERCIAL WORLD CAN BE DICEY. To take a stand or not to take a stand? To come out in support for or against anything that has the potential to alienate is always a risk when business interests are in play. It's the reason political agencies and communications firms exist. Sure there's subject matter expertise, but maybe just as fine of a point is that once you as a company have labeled yourself one way, it's a challenge to maintain broad appeal. Never more than in our current socio-political climate.

What are we to do when approached by a non-profit lobbying for immigration reform? Our answer: focus on stories. Things that have happened. Things that are true. At Fancy Rhino, our work has earned us the label of “storytellers” and it's a mark we wear with pride.

We have four core values here that run through every story we tell:




True: we seek the truth in every story we tell for every brand or organization with which we work. Rather than jumping into the hot ruckus of left, right, up, down, black, white, or purple, we aim to take a stand for the simple truth. Sometimes that truth is commercial and sometimes it's personal. Regardless of what form it takes, we strive to tell stories that speak for themselves -- to observe and report beautiful truths.

In that spirit, let me say this: We’re beaming with pride for the work that we do with Partnership for a New American Economy, telling the real stories of everyday Americans, many of whom are immigrants. We have a simple task: bring the megaphone and let people and their stories speak.

It's a time of extreme poles in this country. Everyone has an opinion and not everyone’s stance will align. Our ideals won't always be in lockstep. Come to your own conclusions. Hold your own opinions. All we urge is this: let’s work to tell the truth.