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Who's a better negotiator,

You or your child?

November 3, 2015

Today, our client Torch launched another campaign video, “Negotiate.  The spot tells the story of parents living in the digital age, dealing with the many screen technologies (including TVs, phones, iPads, and computers) that eat up so many hours of a child’s day. The “Negotiate” video hones in on the struggles parents deal with as they raise children in this generation, while depicting how Torch helps to solve these issues.  

With features such as the “Pause Button”, parents decide when their child is able to use the internet. They are able to put limits around dinner time or family movie night, ensuring interruptions will be reduced. The feature is completely customizable for each kid and can be tailored around what is going on in the household.  

Parents can also give the internet a “Bedtime”, ensuring devices get shut off (and don’t get turned back on) when the lights go out.  The days of "5 more minutes” or “let me finish this level” are gone; parents will be able to set the time for each child and “that’s that.”

While the Torch mission is focused on letting children explore the internet in a way that cultivates curiosity, the “Pause” and “Bedtime” features let parents focus on the important things, while spending less time micromanaging their children.  

As we’ve said in past posts, Fancy Rhino is honored to have a great partnership with such an amazing company.  Helping to build Torch’s brand identity is something we are very proud of here!

If you would like to know more information about the Torch product or help support them on Kickstarter, click here:

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