Fight Like Nate

Fight Like


April 19, 2016

Hi Fancy Friends,

Since our inception, Fancy Rhino has held fast to a core mission of building communities through story. That's why when we read the March 3rd Times Free Press piece on our friend Nathan Sexton — proud husband, father and VP of Bellhops — planned to run in the Chattanooga Half Marathon while fighting Grade 4 Glioblastoma, we knew we had to carry that story forward.

We started filming the same day we read the story, and Chattanooga's network of filmmakers jumped at the chance to pitch in however they could, while Nathan's friends and family dropped everything to talk about how his fight had changed them. We were lucky enough to spend three days with Nathan as he prepared and competed in the half marathon on March 6.

Nathan's story has already built a community, and it's growing. We were and continue to be moved by Nathan and we hope that by sharing this small ode to his fight, you too will be moved.

With love,
Fancy Rhino

To support Nathan and his family, go to

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