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Create The Future


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 empowers people who empower the world. We got to see how they do it.
"When you consider the greatest minds of all time, each of them started just as a child at one point, with nothing more than a pencil and a piece of paper."


-Adam Braun, Founder, Pencils of Promise


Samsung needed a sincere way to connect their brand with revolutionary community developers around the world.


In collaboration with Participant Media, we identified four movers and shakers who rely daily on great technology to change the world for the better. We created doc style pieces about each of them, to tell their stories and feature some cool Samsung products.

ADAM BRAUN is the founder of Pencils of Promise, a worldwide education endeavor. When Adam sees any great building or idea, he sees its birth as a pencil sketch by an educated person. Pencils of Promise has opened over 100 schools around the globe, empowering thousands of children. We have an inside look at Adam’s impact.

JON BOWERMASTER applauds those who seek adventure for adventure's sake, but his goal is greater. He wants to enlighten people using adventure as the trigger. To do it, he travels around the globe in partnership with National Geographic and documents his adventures. Like us, Jon is a storyteller. Sharing his mission just seemed natural.


"Historically, a lot of people who go out on adventures go out for adventure sake. But this day and age, I think you have to go out with a higher cause, a higher purpose."

When most of us look at a streetlamp, we just see a streetlamp. EDEN FULL sees more. She sees 1.5 billion people around the world who don’t have the luxury of electricity. We gave an inside look at Eden’s legacy of change as she works to light things up.

MATT FLANNERY is CEO of, an internet marketplace where people can lend to other people to start small businesses, go to school, or fund other good purposes. For over 10 million people who are left out of the formal financial system, provides a way forward.

"We are tied together in a web of humanity, and I am only a person through you."

-Desmond Tutu


By shining the light on other organizations, Samsung helped themselves too. Smooth. Nearly 200,000 Youtube views on these documentaries means Pencils of Promise, Sun Saluters, Kiva, Jon Bowermaster AND the new Samsung Galaxy garnered significant exposure. More importantly, these stories revealed Samsung as a brand that supports revolutionary thinkers around the world.



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