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MF Restaurant Group


The Monen Family runs a tight restaurant game, with 8 strong concept restaurants in 3 cities across the southeast. These joints already had strong brands; we just needed to bring them to the populous by building smooth websites that got customers to the food as quickly as possible. 


With each restaurant we took a slightly different approach, with some common themes. Most restaurant sites forget that their audience is almost entirely mobile. So while we built big beautiful desktop sites, we really focused our time serving mobile users the information they needed, fast. Crystal-clear drop-down menus, obvious hours, locations, and an impossible-to-miss contact button were tropes of each site.  

‹ See the Milk & Honey Site ›

 ‹ See the Taco Mamacita Site ›

 ‹ See the Urban Stack Site ›

 ‹ See the Community Pie Site ›

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As these restaurants each solidify their brand presence and pack out their respective locations, the Monens keep raising the bar. With 2 new restaurant concepts already developed since the design of these sites, its clear that the product and the packaging are working. A strong web presence gives your brand wings.


Meet the people where they are...on their phones.
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