Case Study / Air Jordan

Take Flight

Air Jordan

We've produced 23 internal brand videos for Air Jordan. Seems appropriate. A dream client – and we delivered on the dream. Below is a fly reel with just a taste.


Nike’s Jordan Brand gave us a week to bring its Take Flight brand positioning to life. The challenge was to excite employees about the idea of “Fly” in a brand anthem video.

That meant showing that the Jordan Brand is about a lot more than sneakers. Jordan is about lifestyle, passion, and performance – across all sports. We took the assignment and ran.


We had seven days to make magic happen on this first project. First, we took a loose concept and hit it with a flavor hammer: remixed music and a lyrical track using original spoken word, new visuals shot in the southeast, and bold spirit.  

"Start eating drill bits; start drinking gas.

Own every moment like it's your last."

-from the anthem

We cast dozens of kids and seasoned street ballers, got our hands on a high speed camera, and hit the ground running. Then we went to work knitting the pieces we shot together with the original Jordan story, where it all began.

After the success of this first piece, Jordan brand brought us on for their entire arsenal of internal work for the following year, where we brought the same heat, video after video.


After setting the tone for Jordan Brand 2013 with a brand anthem video, we built 22 more pieces of content for Jordan in the year that followed.

We established the brand's younger audience through a series of short basketball documentaries about pro-bound high school players. We showed off new gear for Jordan's all-new training collection. We promoted the launch of the AJXX9 shoe. And we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand in a pavement-pounding sizzle reel. 

Those pieces played in board rooms, displays and expos across the country and around the world.


Huge, sexy brands have an image and a voice. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a fresh take.
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