Blog / Calling All Editors

Want to edit the next SAVE THE BROS? And boost your reel with ads for big brands like Office DepotOrganic Valley, and Kia? Here’s what we’re looking for:

1.) One year minimum professional editing experience. Short docs are our bread and butter but we need editors like you to make the sandwich. Make us a sandwich.

2.) Fluent in FCPX.

3.) Organized editor. We don’t have time for sloppy edits where we come from. Keep it buttoned up. Keep it fancy.

4.) Fast. Like lightning fast. We like people that can edit at the speed of thought and can come up with ideas on the fly.

5.) Chattanooga resident.

How many requirements did you meet?

3 - We’ll throw your hat in the ring for future edits.
4 - We want to meet with you. Via Google Hangout, in person, or telepathically.
5 - Let’s grab a beer and talk about upcoming projects.

Bonus Round:

Positive attitude

After Effects guru

Humble critique taker

Solid critique giver

Color grading master

Send your reel and resume to