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growing an Innovation District


OCTOBER 5, 2015


THE OTHER DAY, posted an article called “An innovation district grows in Chattanooga” by Brue Katz. Within reading the first sentence I was hooked. I am originally from Boston and just recently relocated to take an awesome job with Fancy Rhino. Katz begins the article by talking about how Kenndall Square in Cambridge, Mass is seen as an “Emblematic Innovation District;” however, now it looks like Chattanooga is creating its own Innovation District.

The article continues to state that Chattanooga is being built on three critical assets; quality place making, unusual anchor institutions, and a highly collaborative innovation ecosystem. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was divine intervention that led me to a job in a city reinventing innovation beyond my hometown, or if maybe it was my destiny to become a member of the Fancy Rhino team. We may never know, but what I do know is that along with Fancy Rhino there are numerous growing companies helping to make Chattanooga a true Innovation Hot Spot.

In just two weeks, Chattanooga will be hosting the 2015 Startup Angel Summit, a national conference that will focus the attention of the national venture fund community squarely on Chattanooga’s burgeoning innovation scene.


Along with the Startup Angel Summit, Chattanooga will also be hosting the 2015 Startup Week, a multi –day experience featuring numerous community-led events highlighting the thriving startup scene. Not only are we excited to be a part of this wonderful event, but also happy to be a sponsor.

As Katz says, “something special is happening in Chattanooga”, and Fancy Rhino is excited to be a part of the city’s evolution. As our mission states, “powerful stories unite and inspire your community”, and that’s just what Fancy Rhino is going to continue doing here in Chattanooga!