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Better to Buy

Doing it yourself is fun, in theory, but sometimes it's just better to buy. (If you've ever Googled "Pinterest fails," you know what we mean!) Watch as two friends prove that a DIY ottoman isn't as easy as it looks.

Generation Create

We helped the most magical company in the world with a radical message for schools and policy makers. In today's climate, creativity is more critical than ever before.
Organic Valley

Call Us Crazy

We got to edit this jolly little history of Organic Valley for our friends at Humanaut. "Call us crazy, but we actually believed we could change how food is grown in America. This is the story of how our small co-op of organic family farms has been doing things different for almost 30 years, and how it’s working."

Game Day Delivered

Shipt delivers groceries to your door. What they don't always include is your favorite football player too. Unless, of course, you live in Detroit, where we helped Shipt make touchdown this fall.
West Elm with Humanaut

Get House Proud

Booya! Winner of Adweek's #AdOfTheDay, this delightfully self-aware creation for West Elm was dreamed up by the geniuses at Humanaut and edited right here at Fancy Rhino! http://www.adweek.com/…/west-elms-first-tv-ads-capture-you…/

Groceries Delivered

Shipt is making lives better around the country, one grocery delivery at a time.

Organic Valley

Save the Bros

Our bros are in trouble, and our friends at Humanaut brought us on to help tell the story. Learn how you can help save our beloved Bromo Sapiens from chugging toxic chemical junk found in their favorite food source: protein shakes. Organic Valley has a solution. It's called Organic Fuel.