FANCY RHINO Productions

We are Animal

We’re not here to play the fence. Nah. The jungle is where we belong. It’s just the truth.


The best stories hide behind the vines, out of the main light, in the shadow somewhere.

And if we’re gonna find your story, we gotta enter in. We gotta be there with it and for it.

We know there’s something you want to say. We know there is something beautiful about your business that you want to show the world.

We can promise two things: Great work and a great ride.

And if We Are Animal means anything, it means we’re devoted. It’s a pledge to go through thorn and thicket to bring your story to life. To bring soul to screen. To fire the glass and steal the breath. Find your inner beast.

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Our Story

Cousins Drew Belz and Isaiah Smallman were video nuts, hollywood junkies and screenwriting dreamers.

But in 2010, they saw business potential for their passion in Chattanooga, Tennessee. So they set their horns to the grindstone.

They pooled what little cash they had and started Fancy Rhino, operating out of a bohemian bachelor crash pad in St. Elmo known as the Chateau Breau.

They learned quickly that video wasn’t an end in itself, but a window to a world of storytelling through brand and design.

Since then, they’ve built Fancy Rhino into a full-service creative agency with a knack for saccharine web designs, bottom-up branding and heart-stopping video content.

With no signs of slowing, the Rhino is now running strong in the heart of downtown Chattanooga.

The Team

  • Isaiah
  • Drew
  • Caleb
  • Andrew
  • Annie
  • Kelly
  • Paul
  • Zach
  • Nate
  • Johnny
  • Tyler
  • Dustyn
  • DH Jacobs
  • Katie
  • Chad
  • Micha

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